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Assign Windows Services

The Assign Services tab found within the Windows Service Monitor Template, enables you to select the target Windows Services to monitor.

To Assign Windows Services to the Template

  • Use the Select a host drop-down button to select the host to query for a list of Windows Services.
When the Corner Bowl Server Manager Agent is running on the target host, and the Agent is configured to stay connected, the Corner Bowl Server Manager protocal stack is used to query the server, otherwise Remote WMI is used.
  • The Select a host drop-down includes a drop-down button and a add button.
  • Use the Drop-Down Drop-Down Button button to select an already existing host.
  • Use the Add Add Button button to add a new host to the system.
  • Once a host is selected, the list views are populated with the available logs.
  • Use the Services list view to select the Windows Services.
  • Check each service you would like to monitor.
  • Use the Ignore not found errors to suppress service not found errors on hosts that do not have the referenced services.
Assign Windows Services Controls
Assign Windows Services Controls

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