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SFTP Properties

Corner Bowl Server Manager enables you to monitor files and directories using SFTP over SSH enabling log management from any Linux or Unix device.

To configure SFTP over SSH

  • From the Explorer view, locate the SFTP host you would like to monitor files from, right click then select Host Properties. The Host Properties view displays.
  • Select the SFTP tab.
  • Check the Enabled check box to use SFTP.
    Alert After enabling SFTP, all assigned File and Directory Templates will use SFTP to download and monitor files and directories.
  • Use the Username text box to specify your login username.
  • Use the Password/Passphrase text box to specify your login password.
  • If required, use the Private key filename text box to specify a client certificate.
  • User the Port text box to specify a non-standard SFTP port. The default port value is 22.
  • Once you have specified the required parameters, click the Test button to verify the software is able to connect to the SFTP server.

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