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Service Actions

Service Actions enable you to start, stop or restart Windows Services.

To create a Service Action

  • From the Menu Bar select File | New. The Create New Object View displays.
  • Select Alerts and Actions. The New Action view displays.
  • Use the Name text box to specify a unique name.
  • From the Type drop-down select Start, Stop or Restart a Windows Service.
  • Use the Windows server or workstation check box and corresponding drop-down to select the host you want to start, stop or restart the service on.
    Alert If you do not assign a host, the triggered host is used or if assigned to a report, the localhost is used.
  • Use the Function drop-down to select to either Start, Stop or Restart the service.
    Information When stopping services, un-responsive services are terminated after 2 minutes.
  • Use the Service drop-down to select the target service.
  • Use the Arguments text box to specify command-line arguments. Use the Variable Variable Button button to specify variables you would like to include in the arguments (e.g. {HOST}).

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