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Server Manager includes both compliance auditing and self-auditing features.

  • Compliance auditing is the process of reviewing centralized Security Audit Log Reports, flagging issues, re-assigning, rejecting, accepting and completing the report.
  • Self-auditing is the process of reviewing audit controls for timing and accuracy. Audit controls include, for example, Event Log and RedHat Audit Log Backup Templates. Accuracy is referred to as the process of executing the audit contols, for example, the frequency and timing log backups occur.

Server Manager enables Information Systems Security Managers (ISSM) to complete end-to-end auditing directly within the Management Console using a combination of Audit Work Items and Self-Auditing Reports.

Audit Work ItemsEnables ISSMs to generate daily, weekly and monthly work items that include output report content and tasks to be reviewed and completed.
Self-Auditing ReportsEnables ISSMs and network administrators to audit Corner Bowl Server Manager user activity and scheduled Template and Report execution accuracy. All write operations, and, optionally, executed Reports and Templates are written to the CBSAudit Event Log. Server Manager automtically parses and consolidates the log entries into the centralized log database.

How to view and manage audting features

  • From the Explorer View, expand the root Auditing node.
  • Once expanded, find the following 5 nodes:
Tree NodeDescription
Audit Work ItemsSelect this node to manage Audit Work Items.
ReportsFilters the CBSAudit Event Log for all Report activity and configuration updates.
Templates and MonitorsFilters the CBSAudit Event Log for all Monitor activity and Template configuration updates.
Auto-ConfiguratorsFilters the CBSAudit Event Log for all Auto-Configurator activity and configuration updates.
ActionsFilters the CBSAudit Event Log for all Action activity and configuration updates.
Auditing Explorer View Tree Nodes
Auditing Explorer View Tree Nodes

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