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Command Line Interface

Corner Bowl Server Manager includes a command line interface (CLI), cbsmcli.exe, enabling users to generate scripts to execute functionality. By default, the program is installed in the following location:
C:\Program Files\Corner Bowl\Server Manager\cbsmcli.exe

To run the command line interface:

  • Open a command-prompt.
  • Change to the directory the CLI is installed then run the program.
Alert Current functionality is limited to enabling and disabling templates.

Please contact us to let us know what functions you would like to see added.


Connection Parameters:
-h    Host     The hostname the service is running.
               Default Value: Hoyt
               Optional: True

-port Port     The port the service us listening on.
               Possible Values: 1 - 65535
               Default Value: 21843
               Optional: True

-x    Encrypt  True to connect using TLS 1.2.
               Possible Values: true, false
               Default Value: true
               Optional: True

-u    Username The username of the account to connect as.
               Optional: False

-p    Password The account password.
               Optional: False

-d    Domain   The domain to login to.
               Optional: True

-enable Enable Automatically enable or disable the specified object

               -t     Template The name of the template.
                               Optional: False

               -e     Enable   True to enable.
                               Possible Values: true or false
                               Default Value: true
                               Optional: True

               -w     Wait     The time to wait before enabling.
                               Possible Values: 0 - 65535
                               Default Value: 0
                               Optional: True

               -units Units    The units to wait before enabling.
                               Possible Values: Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks
                               Default Value: Minutes
                               Optional: True

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