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Exporting and Importing

Corner Bowl Server Manager enables you to export specific objects from one installation then import the objects to another installation. When exporting, objects such a Templates and Reports, referenced objects such as Schedules, Filters, Actions, Data Providers and Directory Services are also exported.

When importing, the import function checks for the existence of equivalent objects. If equivalent objects are found, the imported object is dropped. If the object you are importing is referencing a dropped object, the imported object's reference to the dropped object is replaced with that of the equivalent object.

To export a configuration object

  • From the Explorer View, navigate to the object you would like to export, right click then select Export. The exported object is saved to a .datx file with the following format

To import a configuration object

  • From the menu bar select File | Import | Import Corner Bowl Objects. The Select File dialog displays.
  • Select the datx that contains the object you want to import. The object is imported and displayed in the Explorer View under the object type's container.