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Email Settings

The Email Settings view enables you to configure the email connection settings. Server Manager enables you to configure both a Primary and Backup SMTP Email servers. The Backup Email Server is used in the event the Primary Email Server cannot be reached or is throwing a fatal error.

To configure Email Servers

  • From the Explorer view, choose Options, then select Email Settings. The Email Settings view displays.
  • Use the System administrator email address text box to enter one or more email addresses.
    Alert Separate multiple email addresses by commas. Note: The administrator email is used to send license error notifications. For example, this email address is used when the system MAC address changes causing the software to lose its licensing.
  • Use the Server text box to specify your email server.
  • Use the Security drop-down to specify the encryption mode. The following modes are supported:
    Plain Text Sends plaintext messages (unsecure).
    Uses port 25 by default.
    STARTTLS An email protocol command that tells an email server that an email client wants to turn an existing unsecure connection into a secure one. This actually works for both SSL and TLS protocols.
    Uses port 587 by default.
    SSL Secure Sockets Layer protocol.
    Uses port 465 by default.
  • Use the Port text box to specify your email server port.
  • Use the Username text box to enter the username to access the mail server.
    Alert To send anonymous email leave the Password field blank. If you leave the Username blank, the email server's spam engine will likely flag the messages as spam.
  • Use the Password text box to enter the password to access the email server.
  • Use the From name text box to enter the friendly From name listed in the email (e.g. Corner Bowl Server Manager).
    Alert When using a service provider, such as Amazon Simple Email Service, that requires users to first authenticate with a non-email username and password, use this field to specify both your from name and from email. For example:
    Corner Bowl Server Manager <cbsm@yourdomain.com>
  • Check the box before Do not email more than to throttle emails to a certain number per time period.
    Information When throttling emails, you may edit the defaults of 20 every 1 hours as desired.
  • Use the Send a test email to text box to specify an email address to send a test email.
  • Once you have specified the required parameters, click the Test button to verify the software is able to connect to the SMTP server and send the email.

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