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Select Folder or File

The Select Folder and Select File views enable you to select a directory or file depending on the context. These views are used extensively throughout the application.

When selecting a path, these views return the file system content relative to the server the service is running rather than relative to the file system the Management Console is running.

How to select a path:

  • Use the Tree View and List View to navigate to the target directory or file.
  • Once selected, the path displays in the Folder or File text box.
  • Click OK to select the directory or file.
The Select Folder dialog (The Select File dialog includes a Filter drop-down)

How to create a new directory:

When selecting a target path, you have the option to create a new directory.

  • From the bottom of the either the Select Folder or Select Fileviews, click the New Folder button. When prompted to specify the name, type the name of the new directory, then click OK. The directory is asynchronously created in the background.

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