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Corner Bowl Server Manager includes the followng SNMP features:

Supported SNMP Versions

  • v1
  • v2
  • v3 (Supports FIPS compliant AES256 encryption)

How to Configure the SNMP Trap Server

For more information see: SNMP Trap Server Settings

How to Configure SNMP Device Connectivity

For more information see: SNMP Device Connection Properties

How to Utilize MIB Files

SNMP Object Identifiers (OIDs) are displayed in various views, reports and notifications. Since OIDs are comprised of a set of numbers, identification is a manual process that involves looking up the value in an SNMP MIB database. MIB files define human readable labels for each unique OID. Each hardware manufacturer includes MIB files that define the device's capabilities. Once located, these files can be loaded into Server Manager. Once loaded, OIDs are automatically resovled to the human readable values.

How to Load MIB Files

  • On the management server, create the following directory:
    C:\ProgramData\Corner Bowl\Server Manager\Mibs
  • Locate each hardware manufactures' MIB files, then copy them to the Mibs directory.
  • Open the Windows Services Control Panel, then restart the Corner Bowl Server Manager Service.
  • Once restarted, open the Management Console and login.
  • From the Explorer View, expand the root Hosts node, then locate the target SNMP device, right click and select Host Properties. The Host Properties View displays.
  • From the Host Properties View, select the SNMP Tab, then click SNMP Browser. The SNMP Browser View displays
  • .
  • From the SNMP Browser View, either Get a value that is in the MIB file or Walk the tree then navigate to one of the SNMP Object Identifiers.
  • Finally, verify the name is displayed in both the Tree View and List View.