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Registry Value Monitor Template

The Registry Value Monitor Template enables you to verify a Windows Registry Value (e.g. Get notified when a Registry Value is changed to an unexpected value). This template is typically used to notify systems administrators when an operating system update or application has updated a registry value that should not be updated. The Registry Value Monitor Template uses WMI to query process information.

How to configure the Registry Value Monitor Template:

  • From the Menu Bar, select File | New. The Create New Object View displays.
  • From the Create New Object View, expand Templates | Windows Monitors then select Registry Value Monitor. The New Template Properties View displays.
  • The Template Properties view contains 4 tabs.

The Options Tab

  • Use the Windows server or workstation drop-down to select the Windows host you would like to monitor.
Once selected, the host is automatically assigned to this template.
  • Use the Registry value text box to specify the full registry value path or click the Browse Browse Button button to graphically navigate to the registry entry.
  • Use the Trigger Thresholds controls to apply value trigger criteria.
  • Click the Test button to verify the template is configured property and the monitor executes as expected.
  • Finally, select the General Tab, then click the click the Auto-Generate Name Auto-Generate Name Button button to auto-generate a name based on the configured settings.
Registry Monitor Template Properties View
Registry Monitor Template Properties View

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