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Troubleshooting the Management Windows Service

The Management Windows Service logs errors, triggers, general activity, and verbose output to a text log file called server.log. You can view the log file from the Management Console or from any text editor to verify activity or troubleshoot the system.

To tail the service log from the Management Console:

Select View | Service Output. The Service Output view displays.

To view the entire service log from the Management Console:

Select Service | View Service Log. The log file opens and is automatically tailed.

To open the service log file from Notepad:

  • From the host the service is installed, open Notepad.
  • Select File | Open.
  • Open the service log file from the following directory:
    c:\ProgramData\Corner Bowl\Server Manager\server.log

To enable verbose logging:

  • From the host the service is installed, open a command-prompt and type:
  • From the Windows Services Control Panel, double-click the Corner Bowl Server Manager Service.
  • Stop the service.
  • Use the Start parameters textbox to specify the following startup parameter:
  • Start the service.

To email the service log from the Management Console to Corner Bowl Software Support:

  • Select Help | Email Diagnostics to Support. The log file is automatically emailed to Corner Bowl Software Support.
  • Contact Corner Bowl Software with your support issue.

Troubleshooting the Agent

If the Agent does not appear to be connecting or processing Templates, you can view the Agent's verbose output log for detailed information. The log file is located in the following directory on each remotely managed host:

  • On Windows the location is:
    C:\ProgramData\Corner Bowl\Server Manager Agent\agent.log
  • On Linux the location is:

Common Runtime Errors